Things That Are Round

Tetherly, a dentist specializing in existential terror, and Nina, an opera singer who just might be the worst babysitter ever, square off in a strange ballet of truth or dare. But is this a game anyone can even win?  "Thelma and Louise" meets "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" On steroids.


The present. A living room. At once the most polite and secret room in the house.


  • TETHERLY, 40s but appears to be in her 30s. White. Dentist. Finishing a PhD in theoretical calculus. She believes everything she does is benign.
  • NINA, 24 going on 24. Latina. Former paralegal. Aspiring opera singer. When she talks it’s arrows.

Production & Development History

Workshops at Lark Play Development Center in NY, Vassar College, Stoneham Theatre, and Portland Stage Company.