2 hours with intermission.

The Kilroys' List 2016

Clauder Gold Prize, 2016

Finalist, O'Neill Playwrights' Conference, 2016

Semifinalist, Princess Grace Award, 2016

Nominee, The Kilroys' List, 2015

Semifinalist, Shakespeare's Sister Award, 2014

Semifinalist, Lark Playwrights’ Week, 2010


Italian Renaissance painter Sofonisba Anguissola traveled to Spain to be court painter for Philip II for twenty years. The play opens with Sofonisba on the ship to Spain, and closes with her on the ship returning home to Italy. It explores her 20 years in the Spanish court as King Philip's prized portrait painter and confidant of 14-year-old Queen Isabel.

This play imagines the negotiations and sacrifices she might have made in the service of her art, and how she navigated the tricky waters of court politics as an unmarried woman. A play about the hunger for creation--of birth and of art--and what it costs.


  • SOFONISBA ANGUISSOLA. Italian. 27 when the play starts. 47 when it ends. Court painter to King Philip II of Spain.
  • QUEEN ISABEL. French. 14 when the play starts. Queen of Spain, Philip’s second wife.

Production & Development History

Workshops and readings at Dramatic Repertory Company, Little Festival of the Unexpected (Portland Stage Company), Lark Play Development Center, The Farnsworth Museum (with Everyman Repertory Theatre), National Museum of Women in the Arts (with Washington Stage Company), Project Y, Electric Pear Productions, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (Washington Stage Company). Written with a grant from the Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation.