Interview on Moment to Moment

While I was in Chicago last month for the world premiere of DREAMS OF THE PENNY GODS at Halcyon Theatre, I sat down with Artistic Director Tony Adams to record the first episode in his new longform podcast, Moment to Moment.

I managed to include shout-outs to Jenn Adams, Kelley O'Donnell, Chris Weikel, Johnna Adams, Holly Hepp-Galvan, Sean Daniels and the great audience engagement work he's doing at Merrimack Repertory Theatre, Reginald Edmund, Bridget O'Leary, the Source Theater Festival, Tina Howe, and oblique references to texts and IMs with Brian Polak and Kari Bentley-Quinn that only they will recognize.

Also, I say um a lot because Tony's questions were GOOOOOD and I had to think.

It's about 40 minutes long, so it's good for those liminal travel times, and you can listen to it here or on iTunes.