"Things That Are Round" in Artemisia's Fall Festival

It’s been a while since I’ve posted because I got a concussion in the spring and have been struggling a bit. Lots to report, though! Starting with a reminder that “Things That Are Round” will be in Artemisia Theatre’s Fall Festival in Chicago this coming Monday night. Last year, my play “Rush” was part of the festival. I’m so proud to be affiliated with this organization that does so much to amplify the voices and stories of women.

Here’s an article in BroadwayWorld about the cast and directors of all of the plays.


I'll Be Acting on Stage in "Wit & Wisdom"

So proud to be a part of this amazing cast for "Wit and Wisdom," directed by Eileen Phelan and compiled by Vivian Gornick and Nora Eisenberg. I'll be reading on stage with fellow Portland Stage Affiliate Artists Monica Wood, Moira Driscoll, Abigail Killeen, Maureen Butler, and Daniel Noel.

Here's a nice article in Maine Today!